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Instant Pot!

May 15, 2015

A few months ago, I got an electric pressure cooker. I researched them like crazy until I found the perfect one for me. Oh My God! Instant Pot! Where have you been all my life! This wonderful cooking appliance is not just a pressure cooker, like the ones they hawk on infomercials. This is also a slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker and yogurt maker! It also has preset pre-programmed buttons that help you cook everything from soups and stews to grains and oatmeal.


The first thing I made was yogurt.  Yogurt making, without a yogurt maker is hit or miss at best. Just follow the directions with Instant pot and you have perfect yogurt.

The next thing I made was elbow macaroni, ground beef and sauce. All you do is just throw it all in the pot – frozen beef patties, mac right out of the box, a jar of sauce and two cups of broth of your choice (I use Knorr Vegetable Cubes), then you just set it and it does all the work.

Tonight was special. My husband is home from 7 weeks in hospital and nursing care. I wanted to make him a special dinner. I made Pot Roast. The Instant Pot has a saute feature that lets you sear the beef before you cook it. So I seasoned up the roast with a bit of Zatarian’s Creole Seasoning, and seared it.

meat1 meat2

Once the beef was seared, I added 3 cups of Knorr vegetarian vegetable bouillon and a cut up onion. Then I put the lid on the pot (Did I tell you it plays a tune when the lid’s on right, so you don’t have to guess) pressed the ‘Meat’ button, set it for an hour and that was the first part. In an hour when the timer rang, I clicked the pressure release open (you have to be careful you dont burn yourself on the steam – I  usually tap it with a wooden spoon. (you can use the natural de-pressure cycle) I tested the roast and it wasn’t done. So I put the lid back on and cooked it for 25 minutes more. Then, when I tested it, it was nearly finished. I put peeled and quartered potatoes and whole baby carrots, into the pot, sealed it up and finished cooking it for 15 minutes.

Dinner was ready! The roast was so tender it fell apart when I lifted it from the pot. – Just like Mom’s did, only my pot roast didn’t take all day in a Dutch Oven.


There it is, all plated. You’ll noticed I didn’t make gravy.  I love gravy, but my hubby has a hard time digesting it. So, I just drizzled some of the pot liquor over it, Gravy would have been delish, but I can live without it. Oh, and all that wopnderful broth in the pot? I will freeze it in ice cube trays for later use.

So that’s my Pot Roast Dinner in my Instant Pot!